“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there.” – Yogi Berra

Charting a Course


The late, great player and coach for the New York Yankees, Yogi Berra, was one of baseball’s most famous figures, known as much for his memorable quips as for his excellence on the field. Yet among the collection of Berra’s famously odd quotes, affectionately dubbed ‘Yogi-isms’, the previous quote stands out for more than it’s paradoxical humor. The path to financial independence starts with identifying your goals and objectives. Only then, with your financial goals and objectives in mind, can we chart a course to achieving the power of financial freedom to live life on your terms. In cooperation with an investment management approach rooted in prudent risk management, sound financial planning serves as the road map by which we will achieve your goals and objectives. As a result, our firm seeks to take each of our clients through a five-step financial planning process, as outlined below:


Initial meeting and discovery

We begin each relationship with a discovery process that is designed to help us gain a better understanding of your specific needs and objectives. At this initial meeting, we discuss your current financial situation, your specific goals and any challenges you may face as you work toward those goals.


Establish goals and gather records

After developing an understanding of your current financial landscape, the next step is to help you articulate your goals and priorities. While some clients may already have very specific goals in mind, others have a more abstract idea of their goals. In the latter case, our firm will strive to help you identify exactly what those goals are so that we might be able to properly tailor our solution. We will also begin to gather relevant records, account numbers, etc. during this stage so that we may begin the process of transferring any necessary accounts.


Prepare your comprehensive financial plan

Our firm will then identify what is currently working, as well as opportunities for improvement. Our efforts will culminate in the construction of a plan tailored to your current situation and focused on helping you achieve your goals.


Present recommendations and implement your financial plan

At this point in the planning process, we present our specific recommendations on your portfolio. We will discuss with you the potential impact of any changes to your portfolio and how we believe our recommendations will help you achieve your goals. It is paramount that you feel comfortable with the details of the plan and our firm hopes that this step will be a collaborative process. After reaching an agreement for a suitable course of action, we will then implement all aspects of your financial plan.


Review, update and monitor the plan

Your financial needs and objectives are fluid and are likely to change over time. Considering this, we seek to monitor your plan and ensure that it is contemporary by corresponding with you on a regular basis. We will seek to discuss any changes that may impact your plan and proactively move to ensure your plan is aligned with your financial goals and objectives.