SI&P is committed to serving as a fiduciary to all members of the community, individual and institutional clients alike. We strive to serve as a capable steward for your investment needs and may partner with a variety of institutional clients, including: foundations, endowments, religious institutions, public funds, profit sharing and other employer-sponsored retirement savings plans governed by ERISA.

Our firm values the opportunity and trust that we are given by our clients to protect and grow their resources. We also believe that the most beneficial and valuable business relationships are structured such that the interests of the client and provider are mutually aligned. These are core convictions of our firm which served as the impetus for SI&P to establish itself as a fiduciary and we seek to embody these beliefs in the way we conduct business. As a result, we strive to offer one of the most compelling, affordable advisory platforms for small business owners and any institution seeking a partner in their pursuit of a more prosperous future.