Shawnee’s investment philosophy stems from our belief that successful investing is a result of prudent risk management. In keeping with this tenet, our firm is committed to providing you with a well-diversified investment portfolio consisting of multiple asset classes built to perform across all market conditions. Our primary goal is to assist you in meeting your investment objectives and preferences while simultaneously minimizing the risk to your portfolio.

We take an active approach to diversifying our client portfolios among several asset classes, including cash, bonds, stocks and alternative investments. While we believe that a well-diversified portfolio holds the key to long-term growth, we understand that there is no such thing as a universal solution when it comes to investing. Your comfort with the investments held in your portfolio is of paramount significance to our firm. That is why, in our endeavor to build an investment portfolio which is suitable to your investment objectives and preferences, the specific types of investments we will consider include the following:

  • CASH: High-Quality Money Market Funds
  • FIXED INCOME: U.S. Treasuries, High-Quality Corporate Bonds, Municipal
    Bonds as well as Preferred Stock Securities
  • EQUITIES: Large Cap Growth & Value, Growth & Dividend Growth Stocks, Mid
    Cap Growth & Value, Small Cap Growth & Value as well as International Equities
  • ALTERNATIVES: Real Estate Investment Trusts, Commodities, Master Limited
    Partnerships, High-Yield Bonds, Hedged Equities as well as Long/Short Funds

After gaining an understanding of what is important to you, we will then determine the appropriate mix of cash, bonds, stocks and alternative investments to help you achieve your goals and minimize risk.

Independent Investment Research

In keeping with our commitment to serving our clients as a fiduciary, we strive to maintain our independence in every facet of the firm’s operations. As a part of the ceaseless search for investment opportunities, our firm performs independent due diligence resulting in proprietary investment research and analysis that we then couple with efficient decision-making. Shawnee Investments & Planning utilizes sophisticated investment research tools and our experience includes qualitative, fundamental and technical analysis of the investment markets.

Managing Large Stock Positions

On occasion, a client may possess large positions of lower cost basis stock which require special consideration in order to avoid incurring a significant tax liability while pursuing a focus on wider diversification. Our firm has experience assisting clients in shifting their portfolio away from a heavy concentration in a single investment and can work with you to analyze and suggest strategies that will help you to reduce the risk to your portfolio and taxes. We have worked with single stock positions of Procter & Gamble, Kroger and Fifth Third Bank to name a few.