From its inception, Shawnee Investments & Planning has been committed to a singular purpose: to assist clients in realizing the power of financial freedom to live life on their terms and create a better tomorrow. In carrying out our mission of growing income through dividends, Shawnee Investments & Planning strives to protect and grow our clients’ hard-earned wealth and help fulfill their life goals.


Shawnee Investments & Planning is a 100% employee-owned, independent Registered Investment Advisor located in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a Registered Investment Advisor, the firm is legally dedicated to serving its clients in a fiduciary capacity and bears this responsibility with great earnest. Through our service to clients as a fiduciary, we endeavor to provide an unparalleled experience in which we act at all times for the sole benefit and interest of our clients. Our highly personal and customized financial guidance hlps individuals and institutions mitigate uncertainty and build confidence in their financial futures.